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3 – “It felt like someone stuck an air hose up my dick and inflated it to 40psi.” 1 – “I will definitely be buying again. Thanks again for creating and providing an Honest product”

Daniel W.

Was skeptical and unsure about if this was safe to take and if it would ship without being discovered in the mail by a family member. The result ended up being good. Fancy package was hidden in a plain mailing envelope and the results were solid. Stayed hydrated and had no headaches either. P.S. That is not my picture but I am really happy with Dr. Seltzer's ! :)

Sage R.

Guys, do yourself a favor and buy this stuff. For once the reviews are true and disappointment isn’t. I have experienced intense erections and much higher sex drive on this stuff. I will be ordering more soon.

Del G

Believe me I have tried everything at all the adult novelty stores and a lot of different products online. I think what motivated me to buy from Dr. Seltzer was the ‘lighthearted’ approach. It works or your money back. I just re-ordered 24 packs. I don’t want to ever run out of this Hard-On Helper. Love the name – IT IS TRUE.

Stephen C

I was having trouble in the afternoon/evenings – not so much early in the morning. This worked like magic with first pill. Customer service is also outstanding! What more could you ask for!


I’ve a couple of products that I swear by, ordered a sample of this one to try out and damn it’s now my #1. It felt like I was on 20 mg Cialis without the side effects, I was erect and horny within 30 minutes and was always ready for action until Sunday afternoon.. I’m not sure of the ingredients in this product, but together they work 100%. I’m sold and have ordered two 12 packs, get this product fellas!


Awesome product, I am spreading the good word in the Northeast US… would LOVE to work for your company! ? Had the best weekend of my life, thanks and tell me when I start(working for you)!

J from Indy

Short and sweet, ive tried a few products online with no luck and was seriously considering RX then i found dr seltzer. WOW!!! I could go into great detail but i said short and sweet, so, just want to say thanx Dr. your product has helped me get my confidence back and my erection. oh and my wife loves it too!

HAPPY TO HELP, and HARD!!!!!!!

-Chief Morning Wood, Oklahoma Indian Territory

One of the things that attracted me to HH was the lighthearted aproach to your packaging. It was Dr.Seltzer’s humorous and comical take on a sensitive issue that many men are embarrassed and fearful to even TALK about. I’m 65 and have had problems with ED for 5 or 6 years. You obviously reflect that humorous approach. By the way, I had HUGE results. My beautiful sweetheart and I climaxed twice in a single night using my trial single pack and again in the morning!!! That’s NEVER happened! EVER!! Looking forward to that again SOON!!!! Thanks for the extra “help.” (No pun intended!!!) You have my permission to use this in your reviews if you like. Believe me, I have searched high and low for something that works. We are thrilled with the results. BOTH, myself AND my honey. SHE was as amazed and “PLEASED” as I was. I have never written a review on any product, but anyone with ED should be made aware of such an awesome product THAT WORKS! Just try it guys! It’s not “hard,” but it will be!!! Please don’t use my name. Just sign me “HAPPY TO HELP, and HARD!!!!!!!”


Product of the Year

-Mark, TX

You have my permission to post this longer, more detailed and very accurate experience of myself and several close friends that I gave some too also. If there was a product to rival the success of sliced bread … Dr Seltzer’s Hard On Helper has nailed it!
Bought a 24 pack last week. I’ve used it for several days now and yesterday ordered another 24 pack because I think this stuff will sell out once more guys try this and word gets around because this stuff gives me erections like I’m in my early 20’s and I’m in my later 50’s in excellent health, but I thought rock hard erections were a thing of the past… Plus the orgasms are like the ones I remember from my youth, almost making me speak in tongues! It takes about 2 hours to start working for me.
The multiple Hard Ons come with no stimulation at first, just WHAMO here I am! Then later with very little stimulation, I’m BACK! I don’t know what the tolerance factor may be for this blue capsule, but I’m not going to over use it because I don’t want to build a tolerance. Plus my wife and I have busy schedules so this will definitely make our weekends a very memorable sexual experience in our older years!
Also it used to be after about 3-4 glasses of 30yr old ‘The Balvenie’ single malt scotch whisky my chances of an erection were almost nil, but you can take this with alcohol and WHAMO rock hard boner on hard alcohol! That was definitely a first! My wife said, you haven’t f#$k me like that since we were in our 20’s. I felt like the guy in the Titanic movie, I’M KING OF THE WORLD!!!
These results are my results yours maybe different, but I’m just simply amazed by this all natural pill that has seemed to turn the clock way back to my 20’s with rock hard erections so hard it’s just AMAZING! I’ve given a couple of my pills to my close friends as an early friendly Christmas gift. They are all amazed that they are getting rock hard boners without pharmaceutical garbage like viagra and zero side effects.
None of us have experienced any side effects with Hard On Helper while using alcohol or no alcohol use. All of our wives were also completely amazed, very pleased by the results of this NEW little blue capsule and thought that sex like that was a thing of the past without expensive and dangerous pharmaceutical drugs and their long list of side effects!
If your not getting rock hard erections and have been thinking of going the pharmaceutical route, I implore you to give this all natural product which is very inexpensive compared to pharmaceuticals plus doctor visits added on to the overall expense and you don’t have the embarrassing doctor visit or pharmacy visit for erection products. It’s all very discrete and private! Your wife, girlfriend, or significant other will be pleasantly surprised or maybe I should say overwhelming surprised by what they see and experience! My wife was!
I normally would never go on and on about any product, but I’m a guy who loves sex (most guys do), I’m in my later 50’s and I feel like I just got a new lease on a great new sex life at my current age.
If there was a vote for the greatest new product for 2017 almost any guy who’s tried Dr. Seltzer’s Hard On Helper would give this 2 thumbs and rock hard penis up!