About Dr. Seltzer

While drinking moonshine in Palm Valley, Florida, circa 1982, he offered to his fellow Sport Drinkers: “If someone could make us feel better in the morning they’d be Zillionaires.” Before dawn, the product was born. He had no idea that by morning,… he would become Dr. Seltzer! The product was an instant success and over the next decade sold 20 Million Doses. In the 80’s the Doc was in 22,000 convenience stores in the USA and sold globally.
From the Inventor of Dr. Seltzer’s Hangover Helper. Millions of Satisfied Customers Since 1982. One Mans Journey from Curing Hangovers to Helping with Hard-Ons!
Dr. Seltzer had the ‘ONLY’ Travelling Medicine Show in America. He had a Dr. Seltzer Band, Genetically Blessed Nurses, Limousine and a 1931 Medicine Wagon touring the Southeastern U.S. for 6 months Seltzerizing one and all.

Dr. Seltzer Sold Out to Rexall Drugs in 1993 The Doctor did what you would expect him to do, retired to South America to pursue his main interest … women. He soon realized that his older body could not keep up with his younger mind. His concerns had shifted from one head to the other. Doc needed a little help with the ‘Quality’ of his Hard-Ons. The Doctor lived in the rain forest area of Boquete, Panama and consulted with local rain forest herbalist and native Indians in Panama, Columbia, Costa Rica, Peru, Mexico and very remote areas of the world looking for the holy grail of aphrodisiacs.

“The Doc”

Eric Summers, aka Dr. Seltzer

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Bacchus, the Greek God of Revelry and Fertility has nothing on Eric Summers, aka Dr. Seltzer. Dr. Seltzer has devoted his life to the sport of great wine, exceptional women and song. Hard-Ons and Hangovers were a large part of this wild (never wicked) lifestyle. Dr. Seltzer became the unchallenged expert of both. Helping the “wounded” and his fellow man with erection issues through his amazing formulations has been a reward of its own.

Dr. Seltzer has touched the lives of thousands of people in countless ways – his kindness and generosity are legendary and now you too can experience the wisdom, stamina and virility he has enjoyed throughout life.

If excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures are part of your life … This Doctor Is IN and his formulas are making house calls to help you improve on what you’ve been blessed with, Naturally.

Dr. Seltzer products are backed by a 100% Satisfaction and a Money-Back Guarantee.